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Ignition FAQ:

My key won’t turn. I can’t get my car to start. What should I do?

When you can’t insert your key into the ignition or if your key won’t turn, call LDA Security. Your first thought may be to go to your local car dealership or a mechanic, but they charge a hefty fee for parts, labor, and towing services. Our professionals  come to your car and fix any ignition problems you have at a fraction of the price. Car trouble is never fun, but at LDA Security, we help to make your experience as pleasant as possible.


I changed the ignition, but it’s not keyed the same as my door. Can this be fixed? 

We understand the frustration of having to use a different key to unlock your door and start your car. We can change out the door and trunk locks and replace them with the same key as the ignition. We want to make your car lock needs as hassle-free as possible.


I want my ignition to be rekeyed. Do you provide this service?

We do rekey ignitions at a substantially cheaper rate than going to a car dealership or a mechanic. Call (208) 234-2220 in Southeast Idaho or (208) 749-4012 in Magic Valley to get your ignition fixed and ready to go.

Door lock FAQ:

I locked my keys in my car. Can you help me?

At LDA Security, our professionals are trained to help get you out of stressful situations especially if you are in a hurry. We will promptly come to your vehicle and unlock it so you can be on your way.


My key won’t turn in my door/trunk anymore. Can this be fixed?

Either your key has worn down and you need new ones or the door lock cylinders need to be replaced. Both of these issues we can resolve. Call us at (208) 234-2220 to get your issue fixed.

Chipped and broken keys FAQ:

My key is wearing down and works occasionally (or is broken). Can you make a copy of my worn down or chipped key?

When your key starts to wear out it could eventually break. Replacing your key will remedy this issue, and at LDA Security, we can replace your key even if it is worn down and cut it to the factory specifications.


My key broke off and is stuck in my ignition, door, or trunk? What should I do?

Don’t try fishing out the broken key yourself, you can make it worse. Let us remove the broken key and create you a new durable key.


The plastic shell of my remote key broke off, can this be fixed?

We can fix your broken remote key shell if all of the electronics are still in place. We create a new remote key shell and put the electronics of the old key into the new shell to make a key that is good as new.


My cars remote will not work. Can you fix it?

Depending on the level of damage to your remote, we can either fix or replace it entirely. We carry a large variety of remotes from different makes and models of vehicles that we program to your car. Call us to get a quote and to make sure that we have the remote you need in stock. If we don’t have it on hand, we can order it for you.


My sidewinder key keeps sticking or getting jammed in my ignition. What can I do? 

These keys are high-security laser cut keys and sometimes break, wear down easily, or malfunction. LDA Security can replace and rekey sidewinder keys. With some makes and models, this is a sign that the ignition needs to be replaced. Either way, our professionals will assess what is the best solution for your vehicle.


 I need to replace my key fob. Do you provide this service?

We replace key fobs. Just let us know your make, model and year of your vehicle and we will program the key fob for you. Don’t go to your car dealership to fix this issue. We provide professional services locally at a reasonable rate.


 I want to have a spare Smart key/ Proximity key. Can I get one from you?

Smart keys or Proximity keys are new fobs that unlock your car and start it. These keyless cars normally only come with two keys, so having a spare is useful. We carry a large variety of Smart key/ Proximity keys and we will program them to work with your vehicle.


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